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Driveway Dinning

Dinner parties and catering at home continues – we love bring our kitchen to you to create a unique eat in experience where you can sit back and enjoy you favorite wine, in your lovely home and garden and cater for friends and family with ease. We bring the fresh ingredients, cook the meal and serve each course fresh to the table and then make all the washing up disappear at the end of the evening and leave you to relax over coffee and liqueurs! No driving home!

We are happy to cater for 2 guests for a romantic meal at home or to surprise a loved one if a babysitter is not an option, family occasions, meals with friends of even staff dining so you can chat in a confidential setting!

Wild mushroom bruschetta and prawn cocktail, two different lasagnas – Vegetarain and fillet mince! Roasted new potatoes and mediterranean vegetable and a leafy salad to go with it, followed by a desser that disappeared too quickly to take a photo 🙂

Every menu is bespoke, tells us your favorites and we will suggest something seasonal within your budget – starting at just £45 a head.

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