Lymington Deliver & Dine

Lymington Deliver & Dine offers you amazing restaurant quality freshly prepared food delivered to your home ready for you to pop in the Oven, add the finishing touches too and serve to your guests for the perfect Dinner Party or family meal.

Lymington Deliver & Dine Experiences have free delivery within 5 miles of Lymington for orders over £25 or more, free delivery for orders over £50 within 10 miles of Lymington, delivery £15 up to 25 miles.

You choose the dishes from our menu or special’s board – they are are delivered to your door fully prepared, with hot dishes ready to go into the oven, cole dishes ready to serve – and you can even add your favorite dessert too or a starter.

The perfect dinner or afternoon tea at home, social distancing, just you are your friends, no time restraints, no crowded restaurant, and no driving home!

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