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Eat In is the New Eat Out!

New rules came into effect from today:

“from 14 September there will be legal limits on how many people someone can spend time with in a social group at any one time. Whether indoors or outdoors people from different households must not meet in groups of larger than 6… Venues following COVID-19 secure guidelines can host more than 6 people in total, but no one should visit or socialise in a group of greater than 6. It is also important that people from different households or support bubbles meeting in a single group remain socially distanced.”

Eating in is the safer eating out!

This means from today if you are eating out with other households – 3 couples for example, or 2 children, parents and grandchildren out for dinner together, or even 6 ladies that lunch you need to remain socially distance from each other.

Booking a table anywhere is going to be tricky, it will be very difficult in a busy space to mantain social distance from each other – but if your group of six are the only guests it will be a lot easier and a lot safer.

The latest Guidance states you should avoid a crowded area, keep 2 meters apart if you can, move outdoors if possible, and if inside keep the area well ventilated – the easiest place to do this is at your home, your office, or even your surprise location.

Rule of Six - social distance from those not in your household!
Rule of six – but you need to social distance from people not in your household!

The guidance also states “a tradesperson can go into a household of six without breaching the limit, if they are there for work” – so you can invite along your very own personal chef at the safest location possible and enjoy a great night!

Eating In seriously is the New Eating Out!

So at 7th Wave Events we are delighted to offer you two unique Dine In Experiences… you can choose from:

  • Dine In Deluxe – our chef comes and comes a 3 course meal on your driveway or in your garden, we stay socially distant, use freshly prepared ingredients to cook a restaurant quality meal, serve all 3 courses and make the wasking up disappear. You only need to choose the date, arrange your table of six, pick a menu and ask your guests to bring the wine!
  • Deliver & Dine – you choose the dishes, our chef prepares them for you, read to pop in the oven and serve – you can opt to just a main course, main course and a sweet, or all three courses. You serve to the guests and have fantastic safe evening at home – whether you choose to share your sercret recipe for great food is up to you!

How do you book? Contact us – first with your date… we have limited availabilty.. and then we will chat menus with you and arrange your perfect Night Out In!

Imagine this?

At 7th Wave Events we can make meals like this happen and be your best night out – in! Book Now!

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